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    Success Avenue Education Center offers courses for Cambridge IGCSE, EDEXEL and SAT American Diploma
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    Our courses are instructed by highly qualified teachers
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Why us?

We have a team of the best teachers and instructors with the highest level of experience and excellence.

We have the best solutions and delivery tools for student and learners that provide much easier ways to engage in their education process.

We are always looking forward to leadership so be sure that by joining the Success Avenue family you will become a pioneer.

Therefore our slogan "Smartest way to Success".


«For you are our dream and future, we have dedicated ourselves for your wellbeing. We will stand by the weak until he grows strong and by the strong until he achieves his goals.»


In order to enjoy studying and turn it into an enjoyable journey

  • - First, seek refuge in Allah, as He is the utmost supporter.
  • - Organize yourself well for the school mood by preparing well for it.
  • - Set a daily and weekly study schedule and determine your achievement.
  • - Always tell yourself that this is a stage that prepares you to reach your dream and the university you love.
  • - Never tire of repetition and do not belittle any new information.
  • - Encourage yourself mentally and emotionally that you can and that your role model at this moment was once as you are now.
  • - Reward yourself from time to time on any achievement no matter how small.
  • - Never hesitate to ask for the assistance of qualified persons to support you and answer your difficult questions.
  • - Explain what you understood and grasped to your colleague, this process reinforces the information and enhances your confidence in yourself and your abilities.
  • - It is good for you to take from time to time a resting period for a while to restore your physical and mental activity and to come back to study self-refreshed.
  • - Finally, we wish you all great success and educational excellence.



«We, in Success Avenue consider you our partner,

therefore, if you ever had a suggestion or complaint don't hesitate to inform us.

Your feedback is important to us and we take every detail seriously»