Why study online?

  Online study has its privileges, needless to say how online study saves effort, money and safety of the student, in addition to time flexibility rather than burdening your life as a parent or student. But, I want to present a different feature which is guaranteeing yourself that your son/daughter benefited from the session and that their time wasn’t put in vain, by actually attending with your son/daughter.
Benefits are not only limited thereto, but online study saves time, effort and money for students studying abroad and those home schooling and provide them with the opportunity to reach the most efficient teacher whom can help them get the degree they look up to, wherever they are.

Is online study reliable?

Online study is the best educational service for students throughout world; it facilitates what was once only imaginary: studying anywhere you want whatever your personal conditions without limitations. Now, most universities around the world rely on online study to grant masters or PHDs.

How sessions work?

Sessions rely on a virtual room in which the teacher and all the students who have registered from all over the world attend at the same time. The teacher begins to explain on the whiteboard through a share screen, allowing the student to see the explanation as if sitting face to face with the teacher. Furthermore, they interact with the teacher and answer the questions on the whiteboard until the teacher is ascertained that the all students have assimilated the lesson.
Students-teacher interaction will be through audio/video communications and through writing messages if they have any questions.

How the student’s follow up will occur?

After each lecture, the teacher will give the student homework to complete and send via email. The teacher could also give the student a mark scheme to correct the homework himself. If he has any questions, the teacher will review it in the first session.
Fortunately, there are many sites offering online courses in the time being. We see it as a good opportunity to create a spirit of competition that eventually will benefit the student.

NB: We have noticed, that there are numerous teachers on the scene, without really knowing whether they are qualified to teach IGCSE or not. Some of them are already giving online courses. As a parent, make sure that the teacher sends his qualifications via e-mail to verify his credibility.
Wishing our students all Success and Happiness

Sama Hussien
Founder of Success Avenue EC.

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