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Who Are We?

We are education, media, and planning specialists. However, we are also a part of the Arab society, suffering from the same problems, especially with regard to education. The suffering of the parents - particularly expatriates in the Gulf - is evident around us. Education is a nightmare for those parents; a nightmare they wish to wake up therefrom by any means possible.

The reasons for this educational deterioration are as a direct consequence of inadequate student support by schools and teachers, besides poor professional teaching skills.

This situation was compelling to look for alternatives that provide our children with the support they need for better learning and achievement.

Here came the idea of online education. When we started the tryout with online education and found it to be fruitful, in terms of psychological stability and academic support, the idea of this project thrived and we decided to search for reliable teachers and give parents a suitable alternative to satisfy not only their desire for a bright future for their children but the sake of the entire nation future.

Eventually we have been able to communicate with a group of teachers who have the same goals and mind set.

Mission & Vision

“If education doesn’t provide and achieve fundamental difference, it is worthless”.

“Education is not a punishment, but a fruitful journey that ends with Success and Brilliance”.

Reach success and excellence through the shortest way possible.
Help students achieve their goals.
Offer comfortable and inexpensive study.
Share education burden with parents.
Help creating an educated and foresighted generation.


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