Become a Teacher


Welcome to Success Avenue Educational Center (SAEC) Hiring page. Our team would be happy to work with you, since we have our teachers and students comfort as our first priority, to meet their highest expectations for our services.

Here is where you fill in your form for hiring. Please input all the data required as stated. The form review by our team usually takes from 1-2 days.

If you meet our requirements, we will send you an email and inform you about the starting days, our students attending your session and the applications you will use.

  • Our transactions are on a monthly basis. The payment will be transferred to the teacher's bank account as per agreement between the site's managers and the teacher.
  • If any student registered through a teacher (the teacher was his means for accessing the site), the teacher will be granted +10% more than his approved agreement with the site's managers.
  • The cost per session is calculated upon an agreement between the teacher and site's managers.
  • There are no restrictions for working with other companies/sites as long as it doesn't conflict with the working hours on
  • If the teacher wants to withdraw from the site's agreement, he has to inform the management a month earlier (at least) or the payment for the previous month will be considered renounced by the teacher.
  • If the teacher missed 2 successive sessions unjustifiably then the agreement with the website will be nullified so as the right for due payments.
  • In the case of low teacher's ratings and reviews, the agreement between the teacher and will be considered nullified and his financial dues will be transferred to his bank account if any.

The website offers a platform for it's teachers to proceed with highly efficient teaching sessions .

There are no restrictions on using a personal selected platform since it offers our required standards for teaching sessions.

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