Behaviors that affect mental health negatively

We always pay attention to our physical health, completely ignoring mental health, and it is an integral part of our health as a whole, so in this article I will draw your attention to things that you unconsciously affect negatively on your mental health.


Getting used to delaying tasks and procrastination in your life and procrastination not only negatively affects your work, but also mental health. Succeeding creates a constant feeling of stress, feeling weak, unable to accomplish the tasks required of you and thus living in a constant state of anxiety and tension. , As well as your self-confidence that descends to the lowest levels, do not get used to procrastination and start to do everything you are asked to go on, and do not put yourself in this constant pressure to maintain your mental health.


The indifference of the behaviors that basically indicate that your psychological state is not okay. The lack of interest here covers everything from the person’s interest to himself and his appearance, to others and events around him, all of which lead to depression. You lose your passion and interest in everything about yourself, so take care of yourself and your life and remember that it is one life we ​​live in, enjoy every day and every moment and do not exhaust yourself.

Optional isolation

There is no doubt that isolation has many benefits. The most successful and famous people in history have sanctified isolation with all the meaning of the word, but there is a difference between isolation and isolation with the aim of optional introversion. Do not confine yourself to a circle and isolate yourself from others and everything that is happening around you. Others, by nature a social being and you can not change this attribute in us by our human nature, does not refer isolation to a weapon that destroys mental health.

Excessive attention to others

It is not selfish, but self-interested, and stop sacrificing your time, concentration, and thoughts for others, so that your self-interest rate is greater than paying attention to others a bit, Excessive attention to others puts you in a state of permanent combustion to please, so do not put yourself in this situation and torment yourself yourself.

Concern about the future

The future is not only God knows, but you do not live your present in anxiety, fear, and crying. Things you expect to happen may never occur, or you may cry over things you think you will not own. But you will achieve in the future and become in your hands. The future burns yourself based on your expectations of this, which by 90% may be completely wrong, live your present and trust in God.


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