Colors Physiology

Colors and personality

Psychologists point to a link between the characters and the color of choice; the frequent wearing of clothes in a certain color, or buy different things the same color, has implications related to some personal aspects, and the effect of colors on the personality as follows:

Black Color:

Black is the color of elegance. He is the color king. Black people prefer to be isolated, have a spirit of contemplation and freedom. Black also gives a sense of mystery and strength to the personality, and the organized and influential characters tend to be this color.

 Red Color:

The red color indicates fun characters, surrounded by friends, they have great enthusiasm and people who prefer to wear red have the ability to do many tasks, giving the red an impression of control and sometimes aggressive influence, so some avoid it at social occasions, on people.

 Green Color:

Green lovers love movement and competition, enjoy initiative and creativity, and are full of hope and imagination, a color that is preferred to wear in situations that need to take leadership, as the green signifies the characters nice and modest.

 Yellow Color:

The color of the yellow is a stable, confident, optimistic character. It gives an impression of adventure and humor, a color that may be a worried and reckless figure, and lovers of this color generously help others.

 White Color:

The white color attracts the characters who love organization and perfection, and show people who are attentive; they are leaders of nature, as evidenced by personalities who enjoy sympathy and trust, peace and tranquility, and may indicate excessive wearing of personal coolness.

Blue Color:

Emotional and blue-skinned people are often dressed, and people with quiet and colorful souls wear it. Blue shows a quick decision-making person, a collaborator, and tradition is part of the blue lover.

orange Color:

Characters who like orange are fun, social, and tend to inflame attitudes, a color that gives an impression of curiosity, and may be volatile.

 Purple Color :

Characters who want to be unique and distinct to violet color tend to be dignified, tolerant, and highly intelligent.

Color Therapy

Psychologists confirm that colors have a healing effect on humans, which is called color therapy, but it is limited and temporary. Yellow color activates the nerves, cleanses the body. Red increases the levels of blood flow in the body, activates it. Blue helps to relieve pain. Energy levels; Orange is responsible..



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