The color effect is applied in all areas of life, so colors are taught to attract consumers in advertising, and fashion designers are concerned with the psychological reflection of colors on users, so they choose the right colors for the functional purpose of the design. In fashion design, colors are the main focus of the design beauty of fashion pieces.

Color Meanings

 Some of the views see that the meanings of colors and their psychological effects is only a myth, and this opinion is based on different convictions and theories, including that the color is affected by the content that displays it, if the yellow color that indicates The fun is linked to the harmful content will change the psychological impact on human.

Black Color

 Black color absorbs all colors of the spectrum. This color has been associated with the pharaohs of life and birth again, but now it is linked to death and mourning, but it is also a sign of strength.

White color

 White is a source of all colors, and it suggests innocence and purity, and its meaning is purity and simplicity.


The red color gives a sense of motivation and energy, while the dark red color gives an impression of the richness of the thing and its grandeur, as it suggests elegance, Red near brown gives a feeling of warmth and strength.


 Blue suggests calmness, serenity and organization. It may give a feeling of sadness and distancing, and does not fit into anything related to food. It is the least appetizing color


 This color is named after the orange fruit of Chinese origin, and orange color imparts fun and energy if it is radiant, a color that is timid and soft if it is dacia, and when the color becomes a red orange it is more exciting.  Pink color gives a sense of calm, As it is linked to romance and love if it is open, and gives the impression of suspense and joy if it is radiant.


 Which suggests power and ambition, and the light color of it gives a sense of nostalgia and romance, and violet color gives a sense of mystery, imagination and creativity.


 Green accelerates reading and eliminates tension; it is connected to nature, as evidenced by rest, joy, and tranquility.


Yellow symbolizes warmth and joy, and countermeasures may suggest frustration and anger

Spatial effect of colors

 For some of these purposes: Quiet Some places, such as bedrooms, need an atmosphere that inspires tranquility, gives a feeling of sitting in front of the sea, Or hoping for a clear blue sky, and the colors that can be used to verify


Calm weather:

 Purple, dark blue which resembles the color of the sky at dusk, the color blue as the color of the sea, the color of white.


Meditation is usually practiced in places of worship, such as mosques, churches, and temples. Therefore, the tendency to choose colors that give a spiritual impression of the place, such as: brown, gold, dark red and ivory color.


 The living room, the fitness rooms and the different activity rooms need vibrant colors and energy. There is no room for soft colors in this case, so the radiant colors are selected, such as: yellow, white, crimson red and royal blue.


 the romantic  atmosphere is exciting and gives a feeling of warmth, and is used in bedrooms or restaurants with a romantic atmosphere. The romantic colors are neither dark nor light, nor are they hot or cold, but a medium among them: apricots, warm flowers, Basil. [5]


Imagination in recreational places such as parks and game towns uses colors that give a sense of joy and joy, with a touch of imagination and mystery, such as warm red and purple blue.



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